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Join our exciting Cosplay or Minecraft Club Unleash your Creativity.

Immerse yourself and let your creativity shine, collaborate and mix with like minded individuals across your summer holidays.

About us

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Cosplay Club

Join our Summer Cosplay Club (currently Bracknell only) and dive into the world of foam crafting! Perfect for beginners and experienced cosplayers alike, this hands-on workshop series will teach you everything you need to know about creating stunning foam costumes.

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Minecraft Club

Join our Summer Minecraft Club for an adventure-packed experience in the world of Minecraft! Designed for young people who love gaming, this club offers a perfect blend of fun and learning. Participants will engage in thrilling Minecraft competitions, team-building challenges, and creative building sessions.

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What you can gain?


We teach you creative design and collaboration, encouraging imagination and bringing your ideas to life.


We connect you to other like minded friends to explore digital worlds or play around with creating costumes for cosplay.


Inter-location battles and cosplay showdowns.


Enemy Of Boredom Academy


What Our Students Are Saying:

I really enjoyed the course and the environment as there are less people and I can cope better.The staff are friendly, patient and kind.


I really like going, I feel like it’s a good avenue for me to do something that I like doing, animating and making games. The people there are good, the staff are really supportive and help me to understand why I get stuck sometimes,it is a lot of fun which makes learning a lot easier.


He is able to learn in a way that works for him, being supported by a highly skilled team that understands the barriers to learning that come with having complex Neuro-divergent conditions’.